The Bible Makes Us Baptists - A Tale of Religious Liberty
Mary E. Bamford
Pages: 349 - Paperback

Originally published in 1894 and called, "Editha's Days," this book is a treasury of literary testimony to the truth that God has called His choice servants to a life of suffering and sacrifice. The modern day Christianity we so loosely profess and so lightly possess blushes in the presence of the martyrs and maidens found in THE BIBLE MAKES US BAPTISTS. The Ana-Baptists depicted in this story reveal the greatness of their faith and the confidence in the Word of God we can all aspire to and desire. May God encourage your heart, enlighten your eyes and embolden your witness while reading this book.

"My highest recommendation concerning THE BIBLE MAKES US BAPTISTS is this: A reader cannot put it down and one never wants it to end! All who peruse these pages will, I trust, be warmly sobered and heartily inspired to live for God and His Word daily. Every preacher, teacher, and student shoud ead this book. It is a must for all who love the Bible and the Baptist faith." (Evangelist Tim Green)



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